"Eric does a great job of preparing me for the current tax year, while making sure we keep an eye on the upcoming tax year to ensure that we have no surprises at tax filing time.

Eric and his team's knowledge of the way the Agent's contract is structured is essential to the success of any Agent that wants to excel as a small business owner in today's changing business environment.

Without Eric and his team, I would not have made the investments in my agency that have not only saved me thousands of dollars in taxes, but made me thousands of dollars in new income.”

Tom Conklin, Illinois

“The ability to have one firm handle all aspects of my payroll and accounting in such a professional manner is refreshing in this day and age where a payroll company thinks bigger is better. I can’t say how important it has been to work with your firm because of your extensive knowledge of the  Agent Compensation Reports. It is refreshing to deal with an accounting firm that can ask for exactly what they need by the Comp D Report Name, no other firm can match the level of knowledge you have of the compensation package. In eight years of being an Agent I can say that the best business decision I have made is working with Hjerpe & Associates”
Kirk Goodnight,  Nebraska

“Working with Hjerpe & Associates has been one of the best business decisions that I have ever made. They are always there for me to answer questions about my business and even personal things like whether I can afford to buy a new car or build a new home. They have always guided me in the right direction and I know they are looking out for my best interest.”
Lori Janko Wilke,  Illinois

“Hjerpe & Associates made my life as a business owner much simpler. With the prospect of unlimited liability, I entrusted Hjerpe & Associates with all book keeping and payroll responsibility for my operation. The peace of mind you get with an outfit of their integrity along with the savings in time allowed me to focus on high value activities that ensured prosperity for my business. Regardless of proximity, Hjerpe & Associates make it easy to do business, and I am confident they are committed to the financial well-being of their clients.”
Corey North, Illinois

“Hjerpe & Associates not only provide sound tax planning, they understand my business so much, they help me grow it.”
Jeff Burtis, Illinois

“Hjerpe & Associates has handled my payroll processing and tax filing for over 9 years. They have many clients that are Agents and truly understand our financial issues. My payroll processing and tax filings are always completed accurately and timely. I truly enjoy working with Eric and his outstanding team. They have provided me with invaluable tax advice over the years.”
Dave Kiley, Texas

“I have worked with the Hjerpe & Associates firm for over 20 years and have found them to be a great resource for my accounting needs. They not only handle my personal year-end taxes, but my bi-monthly payroll as well. Currently, they work with over a hundred Agents across the country—which makes them extremely knowledgeable about my personal situation, adding greater value to their service to me.”

Rick McLean, Illinois

“I have been an Agent for nearly thirty years. A lot has changed in that time. I have witnessed a lot of insurance agents with other companies struggle with the changing environment. I have been fortunate in that I have had a great partner with my Company who has helped me adapt to these changing times. I have recently discovered another great partner who is helping me with the changing tax environment and that is Hjerpe & Associates. Hjerpe & Associates understands not only the changing and complex tax environment they also keenly understand the Agent. Hjerpe & Associates are helping me increase my bottom line. They are a great partner.”
Jack A. Spencer, Illinois

"I started working with Hjerpe & Associates, CPA’s when I was transferred to Corporate as an employee. In working with Eric I quickly discovered the entire team at Hjerpe & Associates are experts when it comes to helping Agents. When I moved back to Nebraska to start my agency, they were with me the whole way. Not sure what I would have done in those early years without Eric’s guidance. I have since referred many new and tenured Agents to Hjerpe & Associates. These guys know the Agency business. They do my business and personal taxes, my payroll, and have helped me think thru some business decisions within my agency. Doesn’t matter where you conduct business; professional, courteous advice is just a phone call away."

Rick Self,  Lincoln, NE

"The BEST! Highly recommended."

Amy Woolen Calhoun, Illinois

"Down to earth analysis and great help with my business. Keeps me in the right direction."

Brian Edward Vaughan